Pop'n Pak was made when I was fiddling around in Illustrator and made a logo that made me go "oh that's cool I guess". My friends who have seen my art for the longest time suggested I should sell my art as stickers. After running a successful Kickstarter and working on my art style, everything sort of came together.

It started off as a simple Gumroad page that made small sales here and there, until my close friend Aki decided to help fund my dream go from a simple hobby store into something more legitimate.

The goal of Pop'n Pak is to sell cute products inspired by my love of Japanese pop culture (video games, anime, manga and street art). Every design is made by me and me alone.

Aside from original merchandise, I am open to collaborative work to help make merch for other folks! Feel free to contact me if you ever want to work on something together with me!